Canon EOS 7D, Sigma 50-500 - handheld

Canon EOS 7D, Sigma 50-500 - handheld

Story behind the shot: This young fox was quite qurious and not really afraid. He was hunting for mice and took a break basking in the sunlight.

3 Responses to “Foxed…”

  1. Kristoffer says:

    Där snackar vi längesen man såg en räv, bra bild=)

  2. Wolfgang Lequen says:

    Hi Patrik, wery very nice Pictures ,Thank you for der trip to the waterfall, Hanne Hunneberg
    best regards from Germany.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Wolfgang! …and thank you for that nice comment. I´m glad you liked the photos. I hope you had a good trip home and that you got some good photos from the waterfall.

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