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Melvin…going into 2011!

Wide eyes
Story behind the shot: Well…he´s my son and the cutest thing. Mostly laughing and smiling, but he did put on his serious face for this one.

Finally …done delivering!

Story behind the shot: Well of course you get tired after pulling a sled with an overweight Santa and millions of christmas-gifts all over the globe…phew!

Fox on the run…

Story behind the shot: I really startled this one – he had no idea I had crept up this close. The takeoff was worthy of any decent spaceshutttle.

Brobacka Flow II

Brobacka II
Story behind the shot: Brobacka at another season…

Merry Christmas!

Our cat Rossi in christmas mood. Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Frozen morning

Frozen morning
Story behind the shot: A really cold morning in november. Risky climb through boulders to get to the spot.

Hawfinch II

Hawfinch II
Story behind the shot: A rare guest at the feeding station…


Story behind the shot: This guy thinks -15 degrees is a perfect  temperature for a bath.

Squeirreling up

Squirreling up
Story behind the shot: Back on popular demand! The winters first squirrel payed a visit…and kindly posed for a while.