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havsörn 2
Story behind the shot:
Taken during a lunchbreak – which I decided to take at Lake Hornborga. I spotted the eagle in a tree a distance away and tried some longrange-shots with the camera on a tripod. I remember thinking to myself that “it would be really cool if this bird decided to launch and fly in my direction. …5 minutes later – it did just that – and I suddenly needed to get the camera off the tripod muy pronto! The shot is handheld using my EOS 40D and to this day I wonder how that would have looked if I had used the 7D instead.
The shot is not great…but it´s the best photo I have on an eagle…so I´ll treasure it until the next trip to Hornborga.


This is a really old one…how many layers in PSD..?
A. Whole. Lot. Of. Layers.


Played around with PSD on a model from Poser. …as always – just for fun.


Story behind the shot:
This one was taken during that “Eagle-spotting-day” that disappeared into the fog. As we sought shelter from the bonecracking cold in the warm cabin at Lake Hornborga – we noticed this little fellow going after seeds on the ground. …extremely careful and didn´t sit still for more than mere seconds…but we managed to get a few decent shots before the birds scared him away.

Really cold

Preserving heat
Story behind the shot:
Me and a friend decided to visit Lake Hornborga because they were feeding eagles at location and I was really looking forward to an opportunity of getting a few shots on these magnificent birds. However – when arriving we couldn´t help noticing that the whole place was embedded i thick fog – limiting our vision to about 5 to 10 metres. This particular morning the temperature was down to at least – 17 degrees – so we stepped into the cabin for some coffee in hope that this evil fog would eventually lift. I noticed this fellow trying really hard to preserve heat – so I snuck out, steadied my camera on a fence and fired away. The light wasn´t particularly good so I had to bump up the ISO a fair bit. The EOS 7D is actually much better at handling these situations than my previous 40D. …I am sorry to say that the fog didn´t lift for the whole day…but we got some decent shots out of the trip anyway – no eagles though.

The pond

So quiet
Story behind the shot:
I had a hard time sleeping and took a drive early in the morning. I knew there was a small waterfall at this location beside an old mill, but when I arrived I noticed this nice boat resting halfway in the pond. The sun was rising so I didn´t have much time…and the sky did get a bit blown…but not so much it shames the shot – I think. …and I did get some shots from the waterfall as well.

King of the hill…

The King
Story behind the shot:
I had placed a fair amount of nuts and seeds in a particular spot in the garden – hoping to get one of the squirrels to take this as an invitation. This little fellow claimed the whole feast for himself…and as you can see – he had no intention of sharing food. ..for a few minutes – he´s on top of the foodchain.


Story behind the shot:
Our two squirrels are now visiting the feeding-station on a daily basis. The hardest part is getting some shots where they aren´t eating… This is the more nervous of the two…and one half second later – he was gone.


Story behind the shot:
I´ts been a really cold winter and that has given me plenty of opportunities to get some decent shots on some of the guests around the feeding-station. This one gave me a couple of second “posing” before flying off…

The eye

Keeping a sharp lookout…

The love of snow

Snow is life
The dog with his old football…which has seen better days. As soon as he gets a new one – he promptly, and as fast as he can – turns it into the squished thingy you see on the photo.

Rossi on the other hand isn´t really as fond of this cold, wet stuff. He prefers to be indoors, under the christmas tree beside the fireplace.

Triptych Gallery

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Hibernation time

Hibernation time

Handheld – Canon EOS 7D with Sigma 50-500. …at the back of our house.

Single malt

My first ever 3D-glass

My first ever 3D-glass

Made in Cinema 4D…and I remeber how tricky it was to get the whisky into the glass.


The last turn before start/finish – Mantorp Park, Sweden.


In the middle of the stream – and it was -15 degrees on this particular day…




From the finals of Pro Superbike – Mantorp Park – Sweden. Great “Tony Elias-like” riding style.


Smooth fall
This is one of the last pics from my trusty Canon EOS 40D. It has now been replaced with a EOS 7D. This was on an really cloudy day – perfect for long shutter times.


It had just stopped raining and the water-filled tires added to the effect…



This one was a bit of a poser…the background got nicely blurred as well.